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Thread: Tent Camping in Montana

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    Question Tent Camping in Montana

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and I thought this would be the best place to start to get some good information and research camping areas in the huge state of Montana.

    Here's the story: My favorite band, Coheed & Cambria, recently toured four cities in the US and the UK during their Neverender tour. This was basically a four day concert where the band played every night, one album per night. Well, I also belong to Cobalt & Calcium which is their fan forum. I got to know a TON of people before Neverender LA, and we all made plans to go to the same hotel, meet for dinner, do activities and such outside of the concert before we went. During the trip we instantly became best friends. Ever since we got back, all we've been talking about is what to do next to see everyone again.

    The trip we took to LA was amazing. People came from ALL over the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK to go to this concert.

    Well, we decided on camping! And the best, central place we decided would be Montana. Now the question is, where?

    We've looked around, and have found some nice spots. But as usual, the National Park and campground websites seem to be technologically challenged as in they do not have a ton of info for me, as an out-of-stater.

    We want to gather as MUCH info as possible about the place we go, because of course we do not want to be disappointed... especially since for the people coming from New York will be spending more than a day driving to MT.

    We thought Lake McDonald looked good... from the pictures it seems like that may be a good place. Here is our list of wants/needs:

    • SCENIC is a must
    • Near water (river, stream or lake, it doesn't matter)
    • hiking nearby
    • primitive camping available
    • Fires OK
    • Accessible for vehicles
    • NO crowded campspots.... we want to be sort of secluded.
    • accomodates up to 25 people
    • dogs ok
    • We are looking to go late July, this year. Of course, suggestions as to the time when considering how crowded it will be at a given time are also welcome
    Can anyone offer us any advice? Thank you SO much in advance.

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    Howdy Nommy,
    A belated welcome to the camping boards! Like I always say hope your stay is long and happy. Here are a few internet sites I found to help you with your research. a map of Lake McDonald

    These are just a start. Just click on the link and away you go. But come back and let us know how your trip to the big state of Montana goes!
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