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Thread: Camp Tarp cover for rain...

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    Exclamation Camp Tarp cover for rain...

    I've seen examples of folks who put up a giant tarp over their general camp site that would cover the tent and picnic area. The examples I saw show them strapping the tarp high up into the trees.

    Are there any recommendations as to type of tarp and size? Where do you get this size tarp? how much do they go for?


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    Default Re: Camp Tarp cover for rain...

    We have a site sponsor called www.Flibitygiget.com You can find the link at the bottom of the page. He has plenty of youtube videos as well. Send him a message and he will hook you up. He would also be the best person to answer your questions as well.

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    Default Re: Camp Tarp cover for rain...

    Sometimes the big box stores will have a sale on large tarps - some years back I picked up three 20X30 blue tarps at Wally's for $5 apiece. Use bungees at the corners to hang from trees - it allows some movement during heavy wind and reduces chances of tearing.
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    I did a google search a few years ago on tarping tents, as we had been rained out more than once over the years. I even copied the photo they showed--using ropes and throwing them into the trees. . . it was great and now we tarp regularly, unless of course there is no hint of rain in the forecast. I've even learned that you can tarp over the fire pit which enables you to have nice fires even if it does rain. We had a 4 night camping trip a few weeks ago, and only 1 day of sun and we had a great time! Tarps can be life savers!

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    Had a camper across from me do this last week. He had a huge blue tarp he strung above most of his campsite. It was the first time I have seen such an extensive thing done. It didn't rain so I did not get to see how it would hold up in nasty weather, but it was interesting.

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