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Thread: Secluded Camping In PA

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    Default Secluded Camping In PA

    My family and I are planning to have a little camping adventure next summer, but we don't know where to go.

    My fiance and I spent one miserable night at a local KOA to test out our setup. It was aweful. Not our stuff, we have the right equipment. The location was horrid. Neither of us want to feel like we are in a parking lot of RVs tents, and cabins.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions of campgrounds or locations that might work for us? We don't require any hookups or anything, though having electric was nice at the KOA. Ideally, we would not be able to see/hear other people, tents, or campers from our site. I think we're a few years away from buying a plot of land and doing that school bus conversion that I've been dreaming of.

    Anyhow, we are in the Harrisburg, PA area and are willing to travel about 4 hours in any direction, possibly to include the entire delmarva area.

    Sorry, if I'm posting in the wrong place. Thanks in advance for reading this and posting a reply!

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    Default Re: secluded camping in PA

    There are a number of sites at Pinchot that offer some degree of seclusion. Take a drive there to see what best suits you. You may consider contacting the Michaux State Forest office about a camping permit and approved areas to camp in the forest there.

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    Default Re: secluded camping in PA

    I just stayed at the best camp site I've ever been to in PA. It's in Weatherly, just outside of Jim Thorpe.


    The two people that own / run the property are amazing, Jill and Jan. They own 400 acres and have only 3 cabins and I think 5 tent sites. We stayed at the furthest tent site called Bullpine. Did not see one soul the entire time we were there. There's a portapotty and a fire ring, but no bbq or grilling grate so you have to bring your own. Can't say enough good things about it. If you book it, tell them Eric from NYC recommended it.

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    Default Re: Secluded Camping In PA

    @GoGordon - Thank you - that's within driving distance for me, too.
    Total nights sleeping outdoors in 2013: 28

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    Default Re: Secluded Camping In PA

    Try out Bear Run Campground. They have Rv's at the entrance, seasonals in the middle, then totally private camping. Great primitive sites with gorgeous views. Tons of trails and fun things to do. Best campground pa offers, our fave!

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    There is the Allegheny National Forest. It has Dispersed Camping but you have to dig a little on the net to get info on it. It is like they try to keep it hidden. But with that said there are a lot of places in the ANF that you can just pull up with your car and camp. Spots that people use a lot will most likely have stone fire rings. There is no running water or toilets, but the next came might be 200 ft or mile away. It’s also free. You might have to talk with campers from the area to find out where the sights are at or take a trip up and drive around the forest roads and look for them. There are some rules for different areas and there are a few places you just can’t camp so do some research before you go. I lived in a place called Heart’s Content when I was a kid and can say there is a camp ground there, but you can camp in places along the Forest road up around there (but there are places you can’t camp up there also). And for water you can go over to the camp ground and fill up. If you want a camp fire don’t bring wood in with you (it is not allowed) use dead wood from the ground or buy from the campgrounds.

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    Check you’re nearest state forest office. I am going to go camping in the Michaux State Forest next week. So I went to the area I was wanting to camp and looked around for a good spot where I would like to set up. Then went to their Office and asked them if it would be ok. I had to show them on a map where my site would be and they said yes it was ok. Then they gave me a packet of papers for campers in the Michaux State Forest. It has a copy of the:

    1. Rules and regulations.
    2. An application for a camping permit. Yes you need to get a permit for car camping or any camp that is set up for more than one night. But It Is Free
    3. A list of campsites that people use in the Michaux State Forest with facts and directions on each campsite.
    4. A map indicating the locations of the campsite

    If I would have went to them first I would not have spent as long as I did looking for a site to camp on.
    And you do need to get approval for a campfire. If the fire risk is high you can’t have one. My trip next week I will not be allowed to have a campfire. But I think campgrounds are exempt from this fire ban. Why?? I don’t know.

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