Howdy Campateers,

One thing that camping over a lifetime has taught me is that when the day is done and the sun sets, darkness follows. The campfire has been prepared and lit. Bulky lanterns have been unpacked and primed for night-time use. And it just seems that if one doesn't prepare for the night-time during the day-time hours when it does get dark a person can become very busy, cleaning off the dust from a conventional lantern, replacing broken globes, mantles, topping off the fuel, priming and striking a match and carefully lighting the trusty old lantern. Most campers that I have talked to have told me that usually they only bring one lantern to their camp-out simply because that is all the room they have in their storage area. Sometimes campers will bring two, one for use and another for backup. Well, late last week MikeB( sent me a Flashlantern to compare.

In short, I simply love it! Once I opened the plastic package and took it out. I assembled it in about 2 minutes! The Flashlantern weighs only 6.8 oz. That's a plus for backpackers. All I did was drop in a Dorcy LED Flashlight(also available at and connect the Flashlantern and that's it! I didn't have to worry about a lantern's globe or the mantles or even bulbs that might break in some-other older style lantern. The Flashlantern comes with everything a camper would need to make it functional including a Quick Release Bracket, Harness and Spacer! The Flashlantern is designed to be used only with LED flashlights that have a flashlight head between 1.2" and 2". Also noted was that tail cap on/off switches are suggested. A side-switch would be in the way of the Quick Release Bracket. is an amazing invention! Okay, suppose the children in your household want to do a backyard camp-out with their little pup-tent. They want to use the family lantern so they won't be scared at night. That's very dangerous to let a child even touch a lantern without adult supervision! Flashlantern to the rescue! It's better than a flashlight because a flashlight is a one direction light; the Flashlantern's light beam is spread out by way of a convex prism which throws light in all directions. I tested how long a set of triple A(AAA) batteries lasted and it has been on straight now 7 days and nights(7 x 24=168 Hours) and it's still as strong as is was. That's very good!!

Suppose you are working on fixing the washing machine or dryer at home. It's a dark corner, no one else is around to hold a flashlight in the correct direction and using a hot light(tungsten) just won't do. Flashlantern to the rescue! Hang it where you want, no problem. The Flashlantern is only 2.5" wide and 7.5" long! Fits in the glove-box of just about any auto.

Suppose you're a bow-hunter and you finally tracked down that deer or elk you shot four hours ago. You hung the animal, it's getting dark! A headlamp is too one directional. Open your backpack and pull out the 6.8 oz Flashlantern. Flashlantern to the rescue! Enough said!

The Flashlantern is small but carries a big punch! A normal size lantern is big and it too carries a big punch, but for taking up quality storage space I'm taking Flashlantern every time and leaving the bulky lanterns at home or selling them on Ebay. Check it out! MikeB(he's a regular campateer too!) has three great videos to watch. And a few other products for sale. He even gives you a visual tour of his hunting campsite! It's time well spent!

As an incentive to all registered campateers members receive a 10% discount by using the code "flash10".

When I camp, besides a headlamp all I'll be packing will be MikeB's Flashlantern: a 21st Century product for a 21st Century camper! Goodbye! Fare-thee-well bulky lanterns!

Check it out! You won't be disappointed!