One item that has changed since I'm now more active on this site is that for the longest time when I went camping I kept blinders on like I was a work horse. In other words, I went to the chosen campsite and there I stayed. I didn't get out and check out other campgrounds in the area. Now I'm beginning to do that more often. Remember now, this is free one has offerred me a single red cent for any knowledge on a particular place. I'm doing my own research. The next time I go camping without a reservation is normal and what would happen if I came across a campground that was full, that night we'd sleep in a motel and return home the next day. No so any longer. Now I'm actively checking out other places within the vicinity of the cg I wanted to camp at. Thus Beaver Creek Camground was found.

Beaver Creek CG is located at the very south end of AZ Hwy 179. The road is about 19 miles total. It starts in Sedona and intersects with hwy 89a and goes south for about ten miles and then intersects with I-17. If one proceeds under the overpass that is I-17 and continue on for another 4 miles the first thing you'll notice that north of I-17 the two lane road is very smooth roadway. As soon as you go under the overpass the roadway narrows, pot holes are numerous and the road starts to turn to dust. Continue on the road and you'll cross three or four one lane small bridges. That's right, one lane bridges. At the end of the road on the left will be Beaver Creek Campground. Elevation is 3200'. Beautiful little Beaver Creek. The campground is not located in the book: The Best in Tent Camping Arizona. I haven't found any listing for it. I heard about it from a ranger in the area. It is very small, about 10 sites, both trailer and tents. Trailers are limited to 25'. Reservations are not accepted, so it's first come first served. The ranger told me he has never seen it full even on the busiest summer holiday. That is the key. There is nothing wrong with this place from what I could see. I didn't stop and talk to anyone because even the camp host was gone for the day. If I were being paid to find campgrounds I'd stay and talk to the host. The best way I know how to show you what it is like is thru the camera. Enjoy. The next time you go to Sedona to camp and can't find a campground, here is one not to far away and not too many people know about until now!