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Thread: Heater for Pop up tent trailer

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    Default Heater for Pop up tent trailer

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, as well as to tent trailers, and I have a question about heating it. My tent trailer is pretty basic - ice box, hand pump sink, lights that run off the batteries, and no heater. I have been camping in it a couple of times this summer, and will likely be doing some more as hunting season is approaching, and I will need some heat. For camping out of the back of my truck or in a small tent, my Coleman ProCat has been great. However, it just doesn't pump out enough heat to keep the tent trailer warm. I have been looking around, and there are a bunch of options for heaters, from larger catalytics to fan forced jobs. I am leaning towards one of the ones that mounts on a propane tank and has a motor that blows heat into the trailer from outside. Does anyone here run one of these? How long can I run them off of my battery before I run out of juice? Will my battery last me a weekend if I run the lights inside the trailer, as well as the heater during the evenings?
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    Here is what I use. It's Mr. Heater and runs on propane. You can buy the litle cans (1lb) or you can hook it up easily to a larger propane tank. Our tank is made of fiberglass and costs three times as much as the steel tanks do. But it is much lighter to carry with you. Should be perfect for hunting.

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    If you are still looking for suggestions on heating a pop up trailer I have a way my parents used to use when I was growing up in our old STARCRAFT pop up trailer in Colorado. Some nights camping at 10k feet the temps would drop to 29 or lower depending on cloud conditions. In the mornings we would always have a kettle full of water and turn on the stove. The steam would fill the camper and heat it up very nicely. Warm enough to get up and begin your day. A cheap, safe, and effectice way to heat your pop up.
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    The Buddy heater that VDF shows should do nicely, but you will need the larger propane tank - the little one pounder only lasts about three hours on 'High".
    I stayed in a couple different popups this past weekend in camp, and I can attest that a standard electric space heater doesn't quite work well enough for a bigger popup - may be better in a smaller unit. BUT.... heating uses a LOT of electrical power! Gas would get you through the weekend better and cheaper. You will need a bit of ventilation, but a popup isn't that tight to begin with. Don't forget a CO2 alarm.
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    We use a Big Buddy heater also.
    Bunk end covers help a lot, hold in heat and reduce condensate. Check out Popup Gizmos, you can make your own.
    Use Reflectix under mattresses and cut to fit inside bunk ends and canvas sides.
    Reflectix is light weight and can be rolled up for stuffing when transporting.


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